Monday, June 30, 2008

Catherdral of Poznan - December 2007

The Cathedral of Poznan.

Kornik - Castle - Poland - December 2007

We tried to tour a castle in Poland, but it was closed.
So, we just walked the outside grounds and froze our butts off!!!
It was an incredibly cold day in December.

Map of the grounds.

This was a huge place with long walking paths through the wooded area.

Beautiful grounds to walk.

Poznan Poland - Uprising Parade December 27, 2007

As we were walking through the downtown area one day, we stopped to ask what all the commotion was, and why people were dressed as soldiers, etc.

It seems that they were having a celebration (Uprising Parade).

So, we stopped to watch and take some pictures.

Yeah, that's me in the middle of a group of Polish soldiers.

Cooking up some dinner for the soldiers.

Poznan - Opera House - December 30, 2007

Decided to take in a little entertainment while we were in Poland over Christams time.
So, we got tickets to the opera!

Opera House

Andrew's parents gettting ready to leave the house.

Nice Christmas decorations.

The actors, etc - some nice costumes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Poznan Poland - Christmas Eve - December 2007

Some photos from Christmas Eve with Andrew's parents.

Poznan Poland - Downtown - December 2007

Check out some of the sites downtown Poznan. It's a very old town with a lot of character and some really cool things to see.

For starters, take a look at this sign I found. Look closely (click on photo to enlarge). Yes, it actually says Toledo, USA 7087 km!!!

Very old buildings with a lot of character.

Andrew's family photo on the streets of Poznan

Must be Christmas...not a person in sight on these streets. Just a lonley street car!

Beautifully painted colors throughout the town square area. Perfect for Christmas holidays. Aren't they just beautiful!

A beautiful church downtown.

There are many statues and fountains in downtown Poznan.

Here is just two of my favorites.

Horse carriage rides through downtown Poznan.

Some last minute Christmas shopping at the booths.

Some ice sculptures for our viewing pleasure along our walk downtown.

Beautiful side walks all over the downtown area.

Cool dragon lamp I spotted hanging outside one of the restaurants.

Looks like Andew found a sushi bar.....his favorite.

Some artistic talent displayed at the mall too.

A small practice ski hill in Poznan.

Now this is what they call the Koziolki Herb Monument.