Sunday, April 27, 2008

Koln - DOM - November 2007

Now let's go check out inside this spectacular site.

Koln - DOM - November 2007

The DOM is an incredibly beautiful and HUGE cathedral in Koln. You can spend hours walking through it and taking photos. Not sure how well you will be able to see these, but here are some of the details of the outer structure.

Koln - Walk around FreisenPlatz - November 2007

In case I need help....I can easily spot the Police cars. Looks like they are driving the VW around this part of town.

Must be one of those unknown authors or something??

Area near FreizenPlatz where we stayed when we first arrived in Koln.

Deja vu maybe??? Nope, just more Chinese restaurants.....This one is called "Great Wall" - go figure.

Some fun streets to walk down.

Koln - Christmas Displays - November / December 2007

Christmas time in Koln.

Koln at night - walk by the Rhine River & DOM - November 2007

A night walk around the DOM in November 2007. Spectacular views day or night.

A statue of S Wilhem (I'll have to look up the proper spelling??)
Then a statue of Andrew! haha.....we were playing with the lighting for the next few pics....

Some pretty awesome night shots Andrew did looking across the Rhine to the DOM.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Koln - First day we arrived - November 18, 2007

Some pics from the very first day of arrival in Koln, Germany. The train station lets out right at the DOM. Pretty cool sight. HUGE!!!

Amsterdam - En Route - November 2007

En route to fast can you go on the Autobahn? I didn't have to drive though.

Getting into downtown Amsterdam

Highway route

We finally saw some wind mills

Amsterdam - Some Very Interesting Things.......

Not a clue what this sign is for. Anybody know?

Now, check this out....a parking structure for bikes instead of cars. Not a great pic, but you get the idea!

Maybe I'm just nieve, but as I was asking what are these plants.....I started to smell the answer! Andrew decided to take a mug shot for the memoirs. I guess it's legal in Amsterdam!

Still not sure what to make of this place. I have never seen such an establishment. Maybe I just don't get out enough! I don't think I even want to ask about this place!!!

Now this looks vaguely familiar. Wait a minute....where am I??? "Welcome to Detroit". Geezz, I just can't get away from there can I.