Friday, May 30, 2008

Paris France - En Route to Monte Martre (May 22-25, 2008)

We caught some really fun and beautiful sites en route to Mont Martre.
It was pretty much all up hill and winding to the top, but totally worth the walk!

Not really sure what this was, but thought it was fun.
3-D of a man coming out of the wall. Unique.

Check out these fun tomato displays we saw at the market.

Paris France - Monte Martre (May 22-25, 2008)

This was the highlight for me. Best place of all from my perspective. It was the old town, a few feet down the mountain from Mont Martre. This is the place of some of the famous painters in history. I absolutely loved this little town.

How much more French can you get.
Maybe I'll take a couple of these home for my nieces. Just kidding!
Nice guys though.

We did stop to look at A LOT of art along the way to Mont Martre.
We bought one painting on canvas to take home.

Stopped here for lunch after a long morning of walking up the mountain.

Our waiter wanted to be in the picture too. He's behind me.

This is definitely the BEST artist on the block.
We checked them all out, and he got both of our gold stars!

Everything is really pretty up here. Check out the wall entrance to a shop / gallery.

The restaurants / pubs are all decorated really nice too.

This was another pretty street to walk through.
I met the cooks in the restaurant to the left while Andrew was taking the picture.
They didn't believe that I was from USA!!!

The artists at work along the streets en route to Mont Martre.

Now he knew how to play that instrument. He was fantastic!

Still en route to Mont Martre. Lots of walking that's for sure.

Paris France - Walking Along the Seine (May 22-25, 2008)

Walking & site seeing along the famous Seine River in Paris.

Well, I just had to get the flute player when I saw it.

My favorite instrument of all, and I used to play many many years ago!!!

Another favorite, the piano.

To hear this guy playing on the streets was so cool much fun!

He was a blast to watch.

Oh, and you can't leave Paris without hearing the accordion. It's everywhere.

Walking along the Seine River, and resting too.

Click on the image to see Notre Dame in the background.

Artist booths set up along the Seine during the day.

Interesting photo looking across the Seine.

There we are taking a short rest again.

We did WAY too much walking in the short time we were in Paris.

Resting again for just a minute.

Paris France - Moulin Rouge (May 22-25, 2008)

The night before we took these pictures we got all dressed up and did an illumination bus tour along Champs Elysee, Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triumphe, and then last stop was at the entrance to Moulin Rouge where we went to see one of the famous shows. Was quite entertaining with dance, music, magic, acrobatics, and more. Champagne was served - at no charge of course. Was a fun night!

Paris France - Subway

A couple of pics from the metro / subway...

Paris France - Outside Louvre (May 22-25, 2008)

This was taken when we got off the subway at the Louvre station. It's in front of one of the entrances.

Once you walk under the arc shown in the above photo (behind us), then you see some really awesome architecture like this before you get to the courtyard where you go into the Louvre

This is on the way out. See the famous triangle area which houses the underground area to buy tickets. Pretty interesting set up they have.

The below pics are walking out of Louvre towards Champs Elysees and Arc de Triumphe.

This is one of the courtyards enclosed by Louvre.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paris France - The Louvre - May 22-25, 2008

Louvre was absolutely beautiful, along with everything else we saw over the weekend! Can't believe how huge this place is. We were there probably 5-6 hours and didn't even see half of the place. It's just so huge, you need a few days for just Louvre alone.

I know it's small, but it is the Mona Lisa! (don't forget to click on the pics to enlarge a little more)

This is one of the many HUGE rooms where you can sit and take in all the incredible paintings. I believe this was the French wing of the museum.

We stopped to rest at one of the Louvre restaurants on a balcony of the museum. Beautiful views, and great weather to be sitting outside enjoying the sights. Cake and wine for two!

Crown and jewels room of Louis XV

Napolean's apartment section of the museum.

Paris France - la Tour Eiffel - May 22-25, 2008

la Tour Eiffel was a pretty cool sight. Beautiful at night too, but we didn't get photos at night.

Nice shot as we were walking up towards the tower.
Almost looks fake, doesn't it?
The weather was great and the skies were full of clouds.

Remember the famous story about the guy who sold la Tour Eiffel? They actually had the news story posted on the wall of one of the floors.

Life on the ground - under la Tour Eiffel - where you stand in the long lines awaiting to purchase your ticket and get on the up elevator.
Hey, you could always walk to the top if you really want to!!!

Some pics from across the road as we were walking away from the tower.

Cool pic Andrew took of Arc de Triumphe from atop la Tour Eiffel.