Sunday, September 14, 2008

England - London - Wimbledon - July 4, 2008

The highlight of the trip for Andrew was definitely Wimbledon.
Walking down the street to Wimbledon.
Andrew on his way inside to check out the Wimbledon grounds!

Court side views

More court viewing

Outside ground seating area. A view for everyone!

Great photo spots - maticulous grounds keepers!

Of course we had to tour the Wimbledon shop.

Bought some tennis balls and a bag for Andrew to take back home for memories!

Social areas.

Checking out all the names on the board before leaving.

A little history below.

FJ Perry

Oh, and check out who was there doing a live interview. We caught them on film!

England - July 2008

En route to England via the tunnel. We decided to take the tunnel, which we had no idea be so pricey. Yikes. Very impressive architecture, etc.

Here is the way I noted our "ride" in the tunnel. "We drove the car into the car wash, turned the car off, and sat for about 30 minutes until we got to England. Oh, and the car was still dirty" hmm... That's almost what it was like though. Was a very interesting experience. You don't actually drive the vehicle, but instead you drive onto a tram, and the tram moves through the tunnel to the other side.